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Posted on Oct 31, 2013 in Featured, News Releases

Farmer meets foodies

Farmer meets foodies


By Gene Hall
Farmer Curt Mowery has some advice for farmers who might be considering bringing influencers out to the farm for a look at what goes on there: “Just do it. The rewards far outweigh any concerns.”
When representatives of the International Food Information Council called me some months ago to arrange a farm tour as part of a Houston meeting, I thought of Curt Mowery. His Brazoria County farm is proof of why modern agricultural technology works so well. Curt did his research and concluded that he should reach out to this group of registered dietitians.
He fought unpredictable October weather to make the tour happen.
“These ladies are serious,” he explained. “They write about what they do. They blog and talk to the media. They need to understand what we do in agriculture.”
Since there is not a lot of crop activity in Brazoria County in October, Curt asked me to put together a video that showed various stages, including harvest.  Take a look at that project, here:

“We have nothing to hide out here,” Curt told his guests. “There is not going to be any question that goes unanswered.”
Participant Dayle Hayes of Nutrition for the Future said, “I think people really do want to connect with the people who grow their food.”
I think so, too. Watch Curt’s comments, and those of three of his guests, right here:

It is private property and groups will need to ask, but Curt says he’ll do more farm tours. He encourages fellow farmers to do the same.

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