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Posted on Feb 10, 2014 in Featured, News Releases

Farmers reach out to customers during Texas Food Connection Week

Farmers reach out to customers during Texas Food Connection Week

(WACO, Texas)—Texas farmers and ranchers will reach out to customers to talk with them about issues of food and agriculture Feb. 16-22 during Texas Food Connection Week, a statewide program sponsored by the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB).

Members of county Farm Bureaus across the Lone Star State will organize community activities, donate to local philanthropies and spur conversations with their suburban and urban neighbors to answer questions about how their food is grown.

“Texas Food Connection Week is an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to reach out, connect and start a conversation with our customers,” said TFB President Kenneth Dierschke. “We want to help answer their questions and introduce them to the men and women who grow their food, fuel and fiber.”

Formerly Food Check-Out Week, Texas Food Connection Week was established to connect farmers and ranchers with consumers and initiate discussions about agriculture and food-related issues, including affordability, nutrition, food safety, animal welfare, profitability and productivity.

“From the rancher in South Texas to the family living in one of our large cities, food connects us all. We look forward to sharing stories and information about this lifestyle we love so much,” Dierschke said.

Additional Texas Food Connection Week resources, including infographics and photos, can be found at


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