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Posted on Jan 28, 2013 in Featured, News Releases

Gov. Perry discusses healthy economy with Texas farmers, ranchers

Gov. Perry discusses healthy economy with Texas farmers, ranchers

(AUSTIN, Texas)—To ensure continued economic stability in the Lone Star State, Governor Rick Perry told Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) leaders Monday in Austin that he hopes the Texas Legislature will work to keep taxes low.

"The thing that we can do best for our economy—farmers, ranchers, small businesses and anyone in our state who is helping to create wealth by risking their capital—is giving much-needed tax relief to the people of this state," Perry said. "People do the most good when they can keep the most of what they work for."

Keeping the state's economic environment healthy is the most important thing legislators can do, according to Perry. That sentiment was echoed by TFB Vice President David Stubblefield.

"People are coming to Texas. This is the result of doing things that create jobs and a positive economic environment," Stubblefield said. "If we take care of business, the economic health will follow."

State legislators are dealing with a situation that is a stark contrast to the one they dealt with two years ago, and Perry attributes that to the hard work and precision of the state's leaders.

"For small businesses, farmers and ranchers across this great state, sometimes there are things that happen that you don't really have control over," Perry said. "You do what you know works, and you figure out how to live within your means. I wish there were more people like you [farmers and ranchers] who have those life experiences. Sometimes you have to tighten your belt and know things will get better."

Texas Governor Rick Perry addresses Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) leaders Jan. 28 during the 2013 TFB Leadership Conference in Austin. TFB Vice President David Stubblefield (left) listens as Perry provides an update on the 83rd Texas Legislature.

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