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Posted on Dec 4, 2016 in Featured, News Releases

Shelby County Farm Bureau recognized for innovative program

Shelby County Farm Bureau recognized for innovative program


(SAN ANTONIO, Texas)—An innovative program that helps broaden ranchers’ knowledge of cattle markets is being recognized by Texas Farm Bureau (TFB).

Shelby County Farm Bureau (CFB) was one of three county Farm Bureaus to be recognized by TFB through the organization’s County Activities of Excellence awards program.

The program showcases county Farm Bureaus that focus on education and agricultural programs, member services, public relations and information, leadership development and policy implementation.

Shelby CFB leaders saw a need in the community to help ease local ranchers’ concerns about cattle markets and the impact the Food and Drug Administration’s Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) will have on their operations. This prompted them to plan a Cattle Marketing and Veterinary Update Meeting.

“There are many questions surrounding the cattle business and the Veterinary Feed Directive from ranchers across the state,” Shelby CFB leader Paul Pustka said. “We wanted to step in and provide an opportunity to help broaden ranchers’ knowledge of the cattle industry and cattle markets and to provide answers on the VFD.” 

Shelby CFB’s Cattle Marketing and Veterinary Update Meeting gave cattlemen and women the time to discuss trends in sale barns, world beef markets and what market forecasters are predicting.

The event had a great response and CFB leaders plan to hold another one in six months.

“There are always questions surrounding how to maximize profits in the cattle business,” Pustka said. “In our area, there are not always opportunities to be educated on breeding and healthcare of livestock. It is quickly becoming more important to make smart decisions in cattle operations and this event benefits us all.”

The meeting also included live cattle in a show ring evaluated by buyers to further educate cattlemen. A local veterinarian outlined the VFD and his role in the program to help clarify many misconceptions about new VFD requirements.

“Cattlemen are looking for ways to maximize output and minimize input costs as cattle prices are falling,” TFB President Russell Boening said. “Shelby CFB has gone above and beyond to provide a reliable source of information to help them during challenging times and to ease their concerns.”

The CFB and its volunteers were recognized during TFB’s Annual Meeting Dec. 3-5 in San Antonio.

Shelby County Farm Bureau was recognized at the Texas Farm Bureau 83rd Annual Meeting for responding to the needs of local ranchers by hosting a Cattle Marketing and Veterinary Update meeting.


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