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Posted on Oct 5, 2015 in Featured, News Releases

Statement by Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening

Statement by Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening


Conclusion of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations

“After years of work, Texas farmers and ranchers are glad to see the United States and our global partners have come up with what they feel is a workable Trans-Pacific Partnership that will benefit all parties involved. We look forward to seeing the fully vetted agreement.

TPP is potentially a huge step forward for our country and trade partners. It will open the door to new opportunities for U.S. businesses, farmers and ranchers as tariffs are lowered and the global marketplace welcomes more U.S. goods. The deal, if passed by Congress, surely will boost sales of U.S. and Texas raised beef and rice as high tariffs are lowered and restrictions lessened.

Members of the House Agriculture Committee have expressed concerns with some of the provisions of the agreement. We look forward to the final agreement and hope their concerns are appropriately addressed. We appreciate Agricultural Committee Chair Mike Conaway, Senator John Cornyn, Rep. Kevin Brady and other Texans on the House Agriculture Committee. They played an integral role in passage of Trade Promotion Authority, which made this partnership possible.

If those concerns can be addressed, it’s a deal we hope will benefit our state, nation and global marketplace for years to come.”

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