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Posted on May 23, 2019 in Featured, News Releases

Texas Farm Bureau statement on trade assistance package

Texas Farm Bureau statement on trade assistance package

The following statement may be attributed to Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening, who was in attendance at the White House with President Trump when the trade assistance package was announced:

“The agricultural assistance package announced today by the Trump administration will provide temporary relief for Texas farmers and ranchers who have faced financial struggles due to the trade war. The loss of export markets has severely impacted our state’s farmers and ranchers.

“We are grateful for the administration’s recognition of the negative impacts of the tariffs on agriculture. The trade war comes at a time when net farm income has steadily declined for several years and Mother Nature has dealt devastating blows to farmers and ranchers.

“For the agricultural economy to rebound, we need a healthy and robust trade environment. We need free and fair trade. This assistance package, although appreciated, is only a temporary solution. Our emphasis continues to be on restoring markets and negotiating free and fair trade agreements that benefit Texas and U.S. agriculture.”


Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening (back left) was at the White House as President Trump announced the trade assistance package to help farmers negatively impacted by the trade war. 

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