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Posted on Nov 9, 2017 in Featured, News Releases

TFB lauds settlement in BLM Red River case

TFB lauds settlement in BLM Red River case

Statement by Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening

The settlement in the case involving the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and property owners along the Red River is a major victory for fairness and property rights. The plaintiffs stood up to an aggressive federal government that was trying to take their land with no compensation. BLM had previously claimed, despite deeds and decades of tax receipts, that the plaintiffs never owned the land. The case was settled Tuesday with all parties recognizing the ownership rights of the Texas landowners.

Some of these people are our members—family farmers and ranchers who faced the nightmare of losing their land and livelihoods. We appreciate their courage in taking on this difficult legal battle and the change of heart by the federal government that made a fair settlement possible.

Farm Bureau supported the people affected by this land grab in the Legislature and through legal action. We aggressively helped property owners on the Red River tell their story. We hope this case will remind everyone that property rights matter in Texas.


The statement above can be attributed to Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening. 

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