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Posted on Nov 7, 2023 in Editorial, Featured, News Releases

TFB Resolutions Committee discusses ag issues, topics

TFB Resolutions Committee discusses ag issues, topics

(WACO, Texas)—Transportation, capturing carbon and helium balloon releases were among the topics of proposed policy resolutions discussed by the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) Resolutions Committee Nov. 6-7 in Waco.

The committee, comprised of 39 TFB members representing Texas agriculture, spent two days reviewing, deliberating and consolidating more than 170 resolutions to both state and national policies proposed by county Farm Bureaus across the state.

“We had a lot of good discussion on livestock, capturing carbon, taxes, private property rights and many other issues facing agriculture,” Mark Daniel, TFB vice president and chair of the Resolutions Committee, said. “The issues that were discussed begin at the county level from farmers and ranchers. It’s a true grassroots process—figuring out solutions to issues that are facing our members.”

The committee evaluated several resolutions related to transportation and weight limits for agricultural commodities.

The committee supported increasing gross vehicle weight limits for trucks hauling agricultural commodities and forestry products to include trucks with additional axles and length to comply with federal bridge laws.

“Transporting agricultural goods and products is essential for Texas agriculture and the Texas economy,” Daniel said.

Carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies generated discussion among the committee.

Support was expressed for the Texas Railroad Commission to regulate issues regarding the carbon capture injection process and carbon injection wells and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to have authority over all environmental issues related to these projects.

“Carbon capture is an evolving market,” Daniel said. “The technology—storing, piping, the entire process—it affects our land. We want landowners and agriculture to be protected in this process.”

The committee also discussed hydrogen energy projects, issuing support for state oversight of all aspects of the projects, providing landowner education and safety, and studying the impact of these projects on agriculture and wildlife.

During the two-day meeting, the Resolutions Committee also opposed vehicle manufacturers removing AM radio in vehicles and laws or ordinances that allow a Public Utilities Commission application to be used as a lawful right to survey private property without owner consent.

The release of helium balloons was an issue covered by both state and national proposed policy resolutions. The committee supported promoting and passing stronger anti-littering laws regarding balloon releases and plastic bag litter on roadways.

“Whatever you send up, has to come back down. While there may be good intentions, releasing balloons can be deadly for livestock and wildlife miles away,” Daniel said.

Other national issues discussed by the Resolutions Committee included the 1944 water treaty between the U.S. and Mexico, supporting stronger efforts to ensure that water delivery to the Rio Grande and annual allocations are strictly honored instead of carried over into a five-year reporting cycle.

The committee also supported a resolution that would provide disaster assistance for poultry growers, along with a resolution that supports activities and legislation that discourages the unnecessary loss of productive farmland.

The policy recommendations will be considered by TFB voting delegates during the business session of the organization’s 90th Annual Meeting Dec. 1-3 in Frisco.

State resolutions adopted at the TFB annual meeting become policies that guide the organization. National resolutions, if adopted by voting delegates at the TFB annual meeting, are sent to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Resolutions Committee for consideration.

Resolutions supported by the AFBF Resolutions Committee and approved by AFBF voting delegates in January provide a roadmap for the national organization.

For a tentative agenda and more details on TFB’s annual meeting, visit

The 2023 Texas Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee met Nov. 6-7 in Waco to review proposed policy resolutions from county Farm Bureaus (CFB) across the state.

Row 1 (left to right): Russell Boening, TFB president; Mark Daniel, TFB vice president and Resolutions Committee chair; Pat McDowell, TFB District 1 state director; Kevin Wilkerson, TFB District 5 state director; John Griffith, TFB District 9 state director; Allen Kaminski, TFB District 11 state director; Brian Jones, TFB District 13 state director; and Adrienne Synatschk, YF&R Advisory Committee chair.

Row 2 (left to right): Shane Harris (Childress CFB), Jared Blankenship (Deaf Smith CFB), Victor Stukey (Hale CFB), Alan Monroe (Parmer CFB), Bryan Morris (Baylor CFB), Dennis McBroom, (Montague CFB), Ricky Meinen (Denton CFB), Dustin Patman (Ellis CFB) and Kelly Langdon (Hood-Somervell CFB).

Row 3 (left to right): Robert Dickens (Red River CFB), Mike Thompson (Titus CFB), Morgan Hodges (Coke-Sterling CFB), Isaiah Ulmer (El Paso CFB), Russell Wall (Scurry-Stonewall-Kent CFB); Steve Evans (Coleman CFB), Jayde Baumeister (Mills CFB), Ned Meister (Bosque CFB), Bill Ward (Limestone CFB), Gerald Yezak (Robertson CFB), Braden McInnis (Anderson CFB) and Delana Horn (Jefferson CFB).

Row 4 (left to right): Clyde “Chico” Cox (Atascosa CFB), Steve Olfers (Gillespie CFB), Jesse Rodriguez (Webb CFB), Marv Ulbricht (Colorado CFB), Russell Messecar (Montgomery CFB), Matt Behrens (Calhoun CFB), Coy Blaschke (Goliad CFB), Lance Benes (Gonzales CFB), Edward Bordovsky Jr. (Kleberg-Kenedy CFB) and Harriet Lamm (Live Oak CFB).

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