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Posted on Dec 12, 2016 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, News Releases




What farmers and ranchers want for Christmas 

By Gene Hall

I spent some time Christmas shopping this weekend. Thank goodness for My psyche is not geared to handle the Christmas rush. It got me thinking. What do farmers and ranchers want for Christmas? The list must include many things all of us would like.

It’s very likely that farmers also want peace on earth and good trading relationships for our country around the globe. That would make 2017 better.

This year has been a challenge. Prices have been falling for most commodities, so an uptick from Santa would be welcome. Add some good weather to the list. Rain at the right time and, please, Santa, no extended drought.

And I think that farmers would ask for understanding and acceptance that the abundance of food and fiber grown between our shining seas does not occur by chance. It’s the result of research, adoption of superior technology and the hard work of families like yours. Merry Christmas, America, from your neighbors on the farms and ranches of Texas.

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