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Posted on May 22, 2017 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Superfoods or super food system?

By Gene Hall

We hear these days about superfoods. One of those is kale, which may be the most used in quasi-political statements about food.

I kind of like kale. Not raw—that’s like chewing rope. But cooked or steamed, it has kind of a delicate flavor that reminds me of the greens Mom used to serve. I look for, but can’t often find, a “little bit of kale.” It’s always a “giant” bag. And most kale at my grocer is organic, for which I don’t like to pay extra. But that is explained by kale’s place in the politics of food.

Kale is good for you. There is a food, however, that outpoints kale in pure nutritional impact. The potato, in fact, is hard to beat nutritionally. Look it up. I make a potato and kale soup that is off the charts, nutritionally. And trust me, it’s tasty.

I don’t know about superfoods, but I do think we have a super food system. It delivers a variety of safe and affordable food minutes away. Buy direct from a farmer, at a farmers market or in a grocery store.

Super indeed.

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