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Posted on Jun 2, 2014 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, News Releases, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Will apathy kill the Texas Beef Checkoff Referendum?

By Gene Hall

Apathy has killed many things.

Elections have been lost. Ideals squashed. Businesses have died. All because someone was too busy.

Texas cattlemen face that situation this week. They can invest in their future with an additional dollar per head by voting ‘Yes’ in the Texas Beef Checkoff Referendum.

Clearly, the majority of Texas cattlemen and dairymen think it’s a good idea. But there’s a small, but very vocal group of naysayers.

Here’s how the referendum shakes out. Maintain the status quo and fight our battles with declining resources? Or move forward and meet beef’s challenges with additional investment.

People who are angry are generally more motivated to take action. That’s why it’s important for you and your family to get out and vote ‘Yes’ at your local county Extension office for the Texas Beef Checkoff Referendum. Do it today.

We've worked too hard to ensure our business is sound for future generations. Let’s not let it slip away because we’re too busy to vote.


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