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Posted on Nov 6, 2017 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Why should you care about the farm bill?

By Gene Hall

The process of reauthorizing the farm bill has begun in Congress. That happens every five years. Historically, the farm bill has received a lot of support. It provides for conservation, food for the hungry and a safety net for farmers.

In recent years, this debate has been difficult. The environmental left sees the bill as an opportunity to force regulations on agriculture that would be difficult. The far right sees the farm bill as an affront to the free market.

Agriculture uses technology to make enormous strides in environmental protection. We get much bigger yields from the same amount of land we farmed 50 years ago, with much less fuel and chemicals.

As for an absolutely free market, just understand that means most of our food will be grown somewhere else. Other nations subsidize food production heavily. Others have far fewer regulations and lower labor costs.

The farm bill helps keep our farmers on the land—a national food security issue.

If your Congressman asks, there are many good reasons to have a farm bill.

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