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Posted on Jan 15, 2018 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Expand broadband access to rural America

By Gene Hall 

Many take high-speed Internet for granted. But in rural America, it’s a luxury.

Today, about 39 percent of rural Americans still lack access to the Internet speed the Federal Communications Commission deems acceptable to carry real-time data, images and videos. 

In urban areas, only about 4 percent are without similar access.

It’s the 21st Century. Connecting online isn’t just a comfort. It’s a competitive necessity. Farmers and ranchers rely on broadband to manage their farms and for marketing. America relies on them for food and fiber.

President Donald Trump recently signed two executive orders during the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention. These will fund and streamline the expansion of rural broadband access.

It’s time to bring rural America’s communications infrastructure up to speed.

An urban business can’t afford a few hours without high-speed Internet. Modern agriculture also needs it. After all, farmers are business owners, too.

The preceding commentary is brought to you by Texas Farm Bureau, the “Voice of Texas Agriculture.” Called “Your Texas Agriculture Minute,” TFB will issue thought-provoking editorials each week—via print and audio—to spark understanding of agriculture in the Lone Star State and its impact on each and every Texan.

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