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Posted on Jul 22, 2019 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Craving alternative protein?

By Gene Hall

I am of a ranching background and an enthusiastic meat eater of long standing. My bias is what it is. With that full disclosure, let me say without blinking that it is perfectly all right with me if you eat alternative protein. Some call it fake meat.

I tried some for the first time at an event last week. Frankly, it’s not bad. I had the ground patty version. It tastes somewhat like hamburger, and I could get full on it.

The product makes a heroic effort to look like meat. There is a pinkness meant to imitate a medium well burger that comes from beet juice. That illusion is pulled off pretty well. On texture, there is still some room for improvement.

But craving it? No.

Many times, in the office or on a long drive, I start thinking about a particular hamburger place, and before I know it, I have a full-blown craving. It’s fair to say that I’m daydreaming about that burger.

For that, I’ll need beef. Nothing else will do.

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