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Posted on Feb 22, 2021 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Work lies ahead for agriculture to recover from winter storm

By Gary Joiner

Texas is thawing out. Farmers and ranchers are transitioning from a period of survival during the winter blast to a phase of recovery and repair.

A lot of work lies ahead, and it will take time to get everything working again. Last week’s desperation and exhaustion are still fresh on their minds.

Valuable lessons were learned, though. Farmers and ranchers will be better prepared for the next arctic freeze, whenever that may come, because of what they endured this past week.

The winter storm tested them in many ways. Created unexpected challenges. Required difficult decisions.

It was tough to see the beauty in any of the snow as we still don’t know the magnitude of what the winter storm will cost Texas farmers and ranchers.

But the spirit of neighbor-helping-neighbor in rural Texas was on full display when temperatures were at their lowest. Stories of resiliency and compassion echoed during the freeze and continue as folks recover.

Questions about the Texas power grid and what caused the power shortage will be addressed in the coming days in Austin. That’s the proper venue with policymakers who can affect change.

In the meantime, farmers and ranchers point to the future and the opportunities ahead, focused on the job of growing more food and fiber.

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