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Posted on Dec 6, 2022 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




State should regulate renewable energy projects in Texas

By Gary Joiner

It’s the wild west out there for renewable energy projects in Texas. Anything goes.

There is no regulatory authority overseeing solar and wind projects in the state.

Texas farmers and ranchers say it is time the state steps in. It is reported as many as 400,000 acres of solar projects are being pursued.

Texas Farm Bureau voting delegates meeting this week support farm-produced renewable energy. But they said without rules and regulations, there is great risk.

State regulatory authority is needed for the siting, construction, maintenance, disposal and decommissioning of renewable energy projects.

The state should address impacts to the environment and production agriculture with its regulations.

Farmers and ranchers want the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to develop rules and regulations on the location of any solar facilities and any solar battery storage facilities. Texas river authorities should also have knowledge of the location of these facilities.

The Texas Legislature is expected to discuss the issue of renewable energy in its upcoming session in Austin. Texas farmers and ranchers are charged and ready to promote what’s needed.

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