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Posted on Jan 26, 2015 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Texas agriculture’s got you covered

By Gene Hall

Jobs. Opportunity. Security. They’re all products of Texas agriculture.

Think about it.

Farmers and ranchers work hard in the fields, sure.  But that’s just the beginning. Someone must store, process and transport their products and get them to grocery store shelves. In fact, experts say one in seven jobs in Texas depends on agriculture.

It doesn’t stop there. The gate to plate process opens doors to many entrepreneurs. The chain includes everything from big transportation companies to mom and pop stores who take the raw product and add value. While direct sales of the product from the farm and ranch account for about $20 billion, other businesses add another $80 billion. That’s good news for local communities and the state’s economy.

And don’t forget security. Food security. Texas farmers and ranchers use the latest technology to ensure the food on grocery store shelves is safe, abundant and affordable. We grow most of our own food.

So next time you think about agriculture, think of a big tent. And remember: agriculture’s got you covered.

The preceding commentary is brought to you by Texas Farm Bureau, the “Voice of Texas Agriculture.” Called “Your Texas Agriculture Minute,” TFB will issue thought-provoking editorials each week—via print and audio—to spark understanding of agriculture in the Lone Star State and its impact on each and every Texan.

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