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Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Audio, Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




Texas agriculture—responsible water users

By Gene Hall

Pouring from the tap or dripping from an irrigation pivot. Meandering through a stream or rippling in a lake.

It’s water. A precious resource a thirsty Lone Star State always needs.

And it’s one that agriculture takes great pride in caring for. Not only during August, which is National Water Quality Month, but every day.

Texas agriculture uses quite a bit of water—60 percent of the total use. And rightfully so. Farmers and ranchers grow food and maintain wildlife habitat. They create jobs—employing one in seven Texans.

City water use ranks second at 30 percent.

Agriculture’s water use may seem high. But living without its yield would be tough. Because water makes agriculture a viable business. In return, farmers and ranchers take care of it by implementing best practices for water quality.

Water is the lifeblood of farming and the Lone Star State. That’s why agriculture works to conserve and preserve that one-of-a-kind resource.

The preceding commentary is brought to you by Texas Farm Bureau, the “Voice of Texas Agriculture.” Called “Your Texas Agriculture Minute,” TFB will issue thought-provoking editorials each week—via print and audio—to spark understanding of agriculture in the Lone Star State and its impact on each and every Texan.

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