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Posted on Dec 14, 2015 in Editorial, Featured, Your Texas Agriculture Minute




What do Texas farmers and ranchers want for Christmas?

By Gene Hall

What do Texas farmers and ranchers want for Christmas?

You might be surprised. Green tractors and red combines for sure. Four-wheelers and new pickups are probably top choices.

But Santa’s pockets aren’t that deep.

What shows up most on farmers’ and ranchers’ Christmas wish list is timely rain. They want good crops and fat calves. And they want good prices. They want farm income—now at a multi-year low—to rise so they can provide for their families and get a crop in the ground in 2016.

And farmers have tried being both naughty and nice, but they just can’t get government regulators off their backs. They want anti-agriculture activists to crawl in their holes. They wish consumers to understand what they do and realize that America is food-secure because of it.

But most farmers and ranchers are a decent sort. They have convictions and beliefs and want pretty much the same things as you and me.

That is, peace on earth. Goodwill to men.

We hope Santa’s listening.

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